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I have been working since 2008 in the academic's world. My path started in the Escuela de Computación, specifically in the Computer Graphics Center (CCG) at Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

From there, I have worked in different research projects as: Real-time 3D Rendering, Serious Games and innovative technologies for computer-assisted software for orthopedic treatments and of lung cancer planning/diagnosis.

Google Search is a site for search scholarly literature and some papers are published there, and some profiles in the academic' world. I have created a profile there:

Esmitt Ramirez - Google Scholar
Computer Science, Central University of Venezuela - Computer Graphics - Digital Image Processing - Rendering

Beside the profile in Scholar, I have had the opportunity to present papers in a few academic conferences. Mostly of conferences is mandatory to present the paper with slides! Slides of those events could be useful for someone, and I have uploaded some of them (under constant construction) into my Github account join with the associated videos, .tex/.doc source file and source code.

Contains all my research during my academic life! Content of final paper, associated images, also slides for conferences - esmitt/research

As a lecturer, I have developed class presentations to teach in the Academia and a couple of times as invited speaker on events. I am uploading part of them into another repository on Github also.

Talks at conferences as invited speaker. Actually a way to order that! - esmitt/slides-talks

Last not least, a long time ago I produced a guide for teaching Algorithms & Data Structures, a course in the 2nd semester in the Bachelor in Computer Science in the Computing School at Central University of Venezuela. Time later, an editorial in Spain contact to me to compose an extended version of that guide. At that time, I did it! Here the description of the book Algoritmos y Estructuras de Datos: Una visión didáctica.

Algoritmos y estructuras de datos: una visi�n did�ctica de Ram�rez, Esmitt: New PAP (2015) | Books2Anywhere
Disponible ahora en - ISBN: 9783659086366 - PAP - Editorial Academica Espanola - 2015 - Condici�n del libro: New - New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. THIS BOOK IS PRINTED ON DEMAND. Established seller since 2000

I think this is a summary of my short-lived career as an academic researcher. Also, I have accounts in other academic's websites such as ResearchGate and ORCID

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