Is the No Code movement a revolution?

Are you a non-coder developer? ironic?

Every One Can Code
Photo by Adi Goldstein / Unsplash

I don’t like the Revolution word 😒, then I just want to say…the No Code is here, and it will stay a long time.

There are several apps and more websites which were created using the No Code approach. Basically, what does it mean? The creation of a software without the need of writing code: using a tool which fulfills the requirement of our business. Several years ago, if you learned how to use applications such as Dreamweaver then you were a master on Internet! On how to build amazing websites using the WYSIWYG. The impact of this changed everything for a long time ….until now.


Now, there is no need to know how to handle an application, you barely need to be clear about your idea. The movement of No Code is huge, high-impact and its raising drastically! and, this is good? Sure! Essentially, the time and cost to build a software product could be drop in 5-15x!

Anyone with a computer and Internet can build a website, web-app or any software application. Many startups or businesses are on this wave because exist solutions which complete their requirements. In fact, it is possible to use the No Code to workflow automation with ease or just to improve the business processes to support operational services. In this line, as recommendation, try Zapier… it transforms everything on automation!

You can check the resources present on NoCode, MarkerPad or ZeroQode. Notably, I used Glide more than once! First time was to learn about capitals of the world, and later for CRUD the people for an association on my neighborhood (something to support people during COVID). Here is the link of the Capitals application:

A screenshot for the Capital app using Glide

From the final user, might be there is no difference between a No Code tool and a website offering services. For instance, if you are working on your own business, maybe you need options that already exist (predefined) in any no-code platform, without the need of a software developer. Although if you require something particular to develop you could require a software development team. Recently, content creators found a way to enhance with their personal brand using No Code. However, this is not fantastic as well: you depend entirely from the platform where you develop your application, with its limitations and conditions 😃

I think the future of No Code represents the future for many people from this point forward (thanks COVID-19). Try adjusting your abilities into this new wave considering the other tremendous waves like the AI, the genetic and quantum programming, and more that are running nowadays.

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