Hello render!

The story behind the ecode.dev project

Welcome humans! 👽
This is my 2nd time starting a blog...

I started a blog that focuses on Computer Graphics where I used to post news, code, stories, and code. Posts related to 2D/3D rendering, visualization algorithms, game programming, and more. This sounds great! 😎

However, the last post was in 2018. Then, what happened?
Short answer: The blog was designed only for Computer Graphics info, and different content had no place there.


The technology evolved since I started to code in Borland C at the University, also I evolved too 🤓. El Código Gráfico was fun for me, and the premise is the same than this new repository: starting a fun project to help others in their career in the Computer Science.

Then, officially I can say: Welcome to ecode.dev.

Photo by Dayne Topkin / Unsplash

In memory of the previous blog, this post has the same title of my first post - back to 2011. In ecode.dev you will find news, algorithms, snippet code, tricks, discussions, short tutorials (code, video, audio), and eventually new things will be appearing. As always, your opinion is vital! Then any help is welcome 🦾

Now, talking about the technical part: this blog is developed in the Ghost CMS running in Heroku. The domain is managed by Google Domains (with the respective DNS forwarding for Heroku's dyno). For the front-end, I forked a theme called Mapache which is a Handlebar theme. I am not a CSS ninja warrior coder 😬, for now there are some bugs (some means a lot). In any case, thanks to the Internet and thanks to the good documentation in Ghost.

Another thing: It would be great if you can support me in to continue working on this project. I created a page in buymeacoffee (similar to OnlyFans/Patreon but for dressed people 😆).

Buy me a diHelp me to buy a 🦕

This is getting too long for a story...,  just enjoy it and thanks.

From a geek to geeks

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